SUPERVISOR is Asteria’s graphical interface for call center supervisors. The software provides a real time view of call queues and the assigned active and inactive agents, and allows supervisors to monitor and assist agents in fielding calls. Supervisor is a flash-based application compatible with any web browser.

    Features Include:
  • Display of agent status per queue (available, on call, paused)
  • Display real time call status for active and waiting calls
  • Monitor active and waiting calls with Listen, Whisper, Barge, 3-way, Triage, Redirect, and Grab functionality
  • Pause and un-pause agents
  • On-demand call recording
  • Flexible data presentation


See what's new in the Asteria Software Suite 8.2

6/2/14 - The release of 8.0 falls on Asteria's 10th Anniversary and we thank all of our customers for helping to support us over the last decade. 

10/2/15 - 8.1 Released 

2/2/16 - 8.2 Released



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