cidselect-iconCID-Select (Caller ID Select) is an application that enhances outbound dialing from any PBX to allow Caller ID to be set based on the area code (NPA) or area code and exchange (NXX) being dialed.  For customers dialing multiple area codes this application can increase the likelihood of calls being answered by having caller ID display a number within or close to the area.

CID-Select can integrate with most major PBX brands via T1 circuits or SIP trunks.   Each CID-Select server can service up to 250 simultaneous calls.



  • Manually input customer purchased DIDs to be used when setting Caller ID on outbound call
  • Import DIDs from csv formatted files
  • Map DIDs to be used for specific NPA or NPA-NXX
  • Caller ID selection from available NPA or NPA-NXX to DID mapping based on random selection, least used, and other desired strategies
  • Tracking of DID usage
  • Management reports for call details, DID utilization/rejection, and blocked call details


See what's new in the Asteria Software Suite 8.2

6/2/14 - The release of 8.0 falls on Asteria's 10th Anniversary and we thank all of our customers for helping to support us over the last decade. 

10/2/15 - 8.1 Released 

2/2/16 - 8.2 Released



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