Asteria has dedicated software engineers that develop custom solutions for applications requiring some component of telephony.  Our personnel can supplement your staff to integrate telephony functionality into existing applications, or develop the complete solution to your specifications.  Our staff has experience with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X application development, proficiency in multiple programming languages and web development, and work with a variety of relational database technologies. 

      Examples of deployed projects include:

  • Notification systems using voice, email, and SMS messaging
  • IVR solutions for payment processing, information dissemination, equipment activation, and scheduling
  • Voice recording systems
  • Fax and Voice Mail applications
  • Conferencing solutions
  • Custom CRM solutions for call centers


See what's new in the Asteria Software Suite 8.2

6/2/14 - The release of 8.0 falls on Asteria's 10th Anniversary and we thank all of our customers for helping to support us over the last decade. 

10/2/15 - 8.1 Released 

2/2/16 - 8.2 Released



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